Interview About My Grandma And My Pastor

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For this assignment, I chose to interview my grandma and my pastor. My grandma (my dad’s mom) lives in Yakima, Washington and is 80 years old. My pastor is 65 years old and lives in Duncan, Oklahoma. My grandma said this interview was fun and made her think. She lost her husband when she was 71 years old. She lives alone and is responsible for all of her personal care needs such as hygiene, house cleaning, and yard work. She has a neighbor from her church that helps her with any work that involves using a ladder. Her grocery shopping and meal preparation hasn’t changed too much, but she tries to eat healthy and is a lifetime member of weight watchers. She had her left knee replaced and is having her right one done this summer. Her knees…show more content…
She lives by honesty and integrity. She tries to please and honor God in all she does. The best age of her life was 47. She moved to Edmonds, Washington, had a great job, and went on a trip to Hawaii with her parents and both of her brothers. She was also in good health and able to still run a marathon. The president she admires the most is Ronald Regan because he lifted the spirits of the nation and was also her governor in California. My pastor’s answers are very diverse from my grandmas. He is responsible for all his personal care needs, but his wife does the cooking and cleaning. He does not have any trouble doing these things. His grocery shopping and eating habits have not changed. The only body change he has noticed is that his body aches more and his joints are stiff and inflamed. He takes anti-inflammatory medication everyday along with extra strength Advil to manage knee pain. He goes to the doctor about 4-5 times a year. His social life hasn’t changed much. He and his wife pastor our church so they are very social and they also have a small ranch. They are extremely busy people and he says he works more now than he did 10 years ago. He is not retired and he doesn’t intend to retire. He said he doesn’t do a whole lot of activities because most of his time is spent in the church or on the ranch. His exercise consists of manual work everyday; working with cattle, plowing cropland, building corrals, fencing, and gardening. He said “you name it, there is plenty

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