Interview About The Interview That I Conducted With Mr. Bob Bahd, A Chartered Professional Accountant

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This report is to illustrate detailed information about the interview that I conducted with Mr. Bob Bahd, a Chartered Professional Accountant (CPA), who had agreed to be interviewed. I was given Mr. Bahd’s name and contact information through a mutual friend and looked up his profile in LinkedIn. I determined that Mr. Bahd would be a good choice for this interview based on his profile and the recommendation of my friend.
Details of Meeting
I emailed Mr. Bahd to ask whether he would consent to an interview where I would ask him some questions about his education, his work and how important communication skills were in his life in order for him to be successful. I sent him my schedule and asked him to choose a day and time for an interview that was mutually agreeable. I also sent him my bio data and details of the purpose that I wanted to interview him for. After a few hours I received a reply mail from Mr. Bahd that he agreed to be interviewed along with a time and place to meet.
On the agreed date and time, I reached the agreed meeting place which was a coffee shop in Vancouver. I had previously sent a photo of myself with my interview request thus making it easy for him to find me. We had a brief introduction where I explained to him how I was given his contact information and why I chose him to interview. He asked me questions about my study and future plans. After this, I asked him questions about his profession and communication skills usages at his work…
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