Interview (Aging) Essay example

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A Man Cooler than Ice
Akanksha Sharma and Rose K Chua
AGNG 200
Dr. Jeffrey Ash
Nov 26th, 2014
University of Maryland, Baltimore County

I have always admired the senior citizens who are wondering how they have passed such long journeys of their lives. They not only have accomplished achievements, but also have done memorable works that deserve admiration, respect, and priority in today’s society. These old people may look incompetent and unexciting in somebody’s eyes and thoughts, but not everyone realizes that they are the people with greatest knowledge and experiences beyond their masters of life. From my own experience, whenever I see an old mister or mistress looking for help or in need of help, I can never ignore him or
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He first mentioned that the advantage were “to be able to share my stories and years of experiences to younger, upcoming generations”. His willingness to share his wisdom with everyone was clearly portrayed in his eyes. “Old age is a time when we are likely to come face-to-face with questions about ultimate meaning. In fact, it was only in the 20th century that a sizable proportion of the population survived to experience old age, and it is therefore natural that, in our time, the meaning of old age has become an issue (Moody, 27)” The author of Aging: Concepts and Controversies, Moody, has a contradicting idea with that of Mr. John Evans’s. Mr. John described one of the unique properties of us humans is that we, are the only species that look after the elderly. We moved onto discussing how his memory has changed and how it has affected his life. His response really surprised us when he said, “I have a better memory than my 24 year old grandson.” He said that one thing that hasn’t changed all his life is his memory. He hasn’t had any issues with memory or memory loss. Based on his answers his crystalized and fluid intelligence seems to be in check. He also told us how he loves gardening, listening to music, watching movies, reading and so on. According to the textbook, as we get older our creativity declines but
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