Interview Analysis : President Of The United States Essay

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Interview Analysis One may be making a virtuous decision when choosing the lesser of two evils, but one will still find himself stuck with an evil choice. Many Americans today find themselves in this predicament when considering the only two real possible choices for President of the United States. On one hand, voters have former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who the Federal Bureau of Investigations labeled “careless” and “grossly negligent” in the handling of America 's top secret information. On the other hand, voters have Donald Trump, who persistently attacked a Gold Star Family. It is easy to see how the Pew Research Center has reported that there is widespread skepticism among registered voters concerning the presidential race. The poll reported that a higher percentage of voters thought that both candidates would make “terrible presidents” rather than merely “average presidents’”(Pew Poll, August 2016). Americans are very unhappy with their two choices for President of the United States. The three main reasons behind this dissatisfaction are increasing negative partisanship, media 's constant push of a narrative to appeal to their base, and the overall qualities of the candidates themselves. I interviewed ten people to test this statement and its contributing factors. Additionally, during these interviews the hope was that most of the subjects would be able to identify these determining causes that have contributed to their unhappiness with both Donald
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