Interview And Response Plan Project

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Fieldwork Interview and Response Plan Project Before interviewing Mrs. Gallagher, an ELL teacher at Lowell Elementary, I had the pleasure to sit and observe one of her classes in the morning. The school uses a push-out system where students are pulled out of the regular classroom for ELL. The students are to report to ELL at 8:30am for a 40-minute lesson. The class consisted of 9 students, all diverse ranging from Hispanic, Asian, and African American. The students were seated in small round tables with 5 seats each. I noticed that the room was relatively small. I also observed that the shelves were filled with books on languages, parts of speech, and countless storybooks. The supplies and objects in the room were all labeled, for…show more content…
In addition to regular classroom homework, the students were given additional ELL homework. Mrs. Gallagher explains the homework and goes over the first question so they are able to do the rest on their own. During the interview, Mrs. Gallagher discussed key areas that are essential for a successful ELL classroom. She shared some of the instructional strategies and techniques she uses in order to engage her class effectively. Because it is the beginning of the school year it is important to start off strong. “I try to set high expectations for my students and get to know who they are and their background knowledge.” I can see how this is important in order for students to feel comfortable in a subject that can be difficult and intimidating. She also mentions incorporating multicultural education in the curriculum. Another strategy that she uses for effective teaching is using visuals. “Visuals can help drive a point home.” When students are able to visualize new words or skills it is much easier for them to remember. The way an ELL teacher listens and speaks also plays a vital role during instruction. “Speaking slowly, distinctly, using key terms allows students to understand better.” She uses short sentences and slows down speech in order for her students to follow along. I also thought it was a great point she made to “avoid expressions or
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