Interview At St. Ann's Community

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Ms. Melissa Arena, RHIT, CHC, HIM Manager and Corporate Compliance Officer at St. Ann’s Community in Rochester, NY, was interviewed on December 7, 2015. The interview started with asking Ms. Arena if she could talk a little bit about herself and what her position is. She continued to say that her current position was her second career, she was a mortgage loan processor back in the 80’s and 90’s. Ms. Arena had gotten laid off from three separate mortgage companies before she realized she needed a different career and college career in order to be successful. Being a single mother of two early teenage girls, Ms. Arena was holding two part time jobs and doing the HIT program took her 5 years to complete as well as another year before she was able to feel comfortable to sit in for the exam. There was an interest in finding out how long she had been in her position and when asked, she stated that she was in Corporate Compliance Officer since 2011, as an HIM Manager since March of 2002 and by the SAC HIM Department since 2000 as a part time file clerk. Ms. Arena then talked about why she had chosen her particular occupation and how did she find out about the particular occupation and she states that she was interested in the medical field, but she was grossed out by bodily fluids so for her this was the next best thing. She then stated that she was a puzzle solver. Ms. Arena said that HIT offers a lot of investigations and issues to figure out, so she felt it was a good fit for

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