Interview : Church History / Denomination Affiliation

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Interview Church History/ Denomination Affiliation On September 28, 2016, I met with Brady Voss who is the worship pastor at New Life Church. He took this position in February of this year. Below is the summary of the forty minute interview I was able to have with him. First, I asked him about the background regarding the denomination of the church and how that came about. When asked about their affiliation, Brady knew some facts about their history but recommended speaking to the head pastor, Tim Estes. Tim Estes grew United Pentecostal and as time progressed, he recognized legal things that did not line up with the Word of God. He was the Chairman of Arkansas youth camp grounds committee that is associated with that denomination. The year he was president of this group, he stepped down, and received a lot of backlash. People said things like he was ‘leaving the will of God,’ he is ‘going to hell,’ he is ‘not a Christian,’ and overall wasn’t doing things right. However, Estes’ conviction to leave was because he knew he was following the Word of God. During this time of transition, Brady informed me that about half of the church’s congregation left, and this left the church with about 100 people. The Pastor, Tim Estes, is currently writing a book about the transition. Brady gave some insight on what makes someone United Pentecostal. He described the denomination’s doctrine full of “man-made rules, and not scriptural.” In regards to the trinity, United Pentecostals

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