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Regina McArthur was born on December 16, 1929. She is a proud mother of five children, and is also a proud grandmother. She says that her greatest love, after her family, is teaching. Regina is a retired school teacher and she currently works informally at a local museum. She says that religion plays a big part in her life, and she describes herself as a real church goer. She is continually trying to develop new skills with all the wonderful things that are out there to learn. Regina is a very curious person and believes that everyone should be too! She said, "There is so much in life that is free, we should take advantage of it." Regina raised her five children by herself, and did what she had to do to survive. She has always enjoyed…show more content…
She says that she feels accomplished in her life. Her parents influenced her to go to school and she is very grateful for her education today. Growing up in the Depression made her afraid of financial loss. Regina is particularly proud of her children. When asked if there was anything that she would change about her life, she said, "My mother spoke three different languages and I regret that I didn't learn more of them. Also I would have traveled more." Regina believes that there does not have to be a relationship between love and happiness. Happiness can exist with out love. Love stays with you forever, happiness doesn't. Regina has experienced her share of personal loss, but she coped with it by just moving on with her life, just pushing through it. She said, "Today I see other races and religions with an open mind. This has made me a stronger person and much more aware. It really taught me how to deal with people more effectively." Regina considers herself a decent human being. She thinks that it is important to think of yourself as a good person. It makes her unhappy when her children are upset. "When my children are in a crisis I always grieve for them, and we help each other, she said." Regina's advice for achieving happiness is attuned to her philosophy on life: "stay very curious about life and new inventions, investigate new things, and learn as much as you can." She

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