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Golbon Moridi Interview Interview with Art Willey, Partner and Doctor at Junction City Medical Clinic. Transcribed from a recorded phone interview 1) What does the term "quality" mean to you in your business? “In our medical clinic ‘quality’ would be providing consistently accurate information and that the test functions that we perform are accurate so that we make good diagnoses and communicate them to our patients to have the best outcome.” 2) How do you track expiration dates of medications kept in the clinic? “Between the nurses they have a checklist of different activities like that. Most of the medications in our clinic are samples of prescriptions to give out. So on a monthly basis, they go through all of…show more content…
Sometimes they will make an appointment to go see one of the others to get another opinion. And sometimes between the doctors we will confer if we have a question or we would like to get someone else’s opinion. As Family Practice doctors, if the patient is not getting better with our treatment then we will frequently have them see a specialist in that area. So that’s another way the patients would get a second opinion.” 8) What do you use to sterilize tools after use? And, how efficient is this process? “They are initially washed and scrubbed but then they go through an autoclave, which uses a combination of temperature and pressure to sterilize them and it’s the standard method of instrument sterilization.. The instruments are cleaned, put in a package where they will be sealed, and then they go through the autoclave that sterilizes them so they remain sterile until that package is opened, and the package has a date so that if it is not used in a certain period of time then it is re-sterilized. There are some instruments that cannot withstand the pressure and heat so they are put in a chemical sterilizer, though there are things that are resistant to that, though we don’t use any at the clinic. We used to use something called a sigmoidiscope to look in the colon but we never do that anymore that’s the only
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