Interview Final Thoughts Of A Nurse And A Manager At Country View Care Center

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Interview Final Thoughts Overall Susan Schade would not change her profession for anything else. She truly believes that this is her calling and to work within long-term care is a great fit for her needs, especially within personal means as explained previously. As a nurse and a manager at Country View Care Center, she believes that there are several implications and advancements that can be done for healthcare nationwide in essence to make the experience of health back to being patient focused. She explained, “Because of the regulations of the state and federal government, it is hard in times to provide care and make changes that would benefit our facility and working environment. Several of the staff, licensed and unlicensed are being…show more content…
Just being able to have a job and get my foot in the door within the health field was extremely important to me weather I ended up as a nurse, doctor or within a management role of healthcare. Although it provided me with great experience, I also was not subjected to or exposed to several of the critical problems and issues which I learned about in the interview. With the information learned from our class this semester, and hearing about what happens on a daily basis at a management level within healthcare, has provided me with extensive knowledge that I would not have gained just being a nursing assistant. This experience also allowed me to connect with Sue on a more personally level, as I learned more about her direct involvement and relationship to long-term care. It truly surprised me that she is able to care for her ex-husband, and still be able to perform professionally within means. Healthcare brings several joys and sorrows associated, and as we learned greatly about in class, death and dying have an extremely big focus within long-term care settings. I was surprised and grew a deeper respect for Sue being able to not only care for others in the nursing facility, her own family members, but as well as mange her staff and herself within great emotional means. It truly shows the strength that healthcare providers have and their true care and compassion. It also put into perspective that long-term care
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