Interview Focused On Elements Of The Marketing Mix Essay

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Interview Focused on Elements of the Marketing Mix Introduction There are many things that go into owning a business or running the management of the marketing of a business. This we focus on the 4 P’s of marketing and the marketing mix. In order to get more insight on the topic I took the opportunity to get into with a close friend of mine, Leslie V. in regards to the bakery business she owns, Divine Creations. Leslie has been perfecting her baking since the age of 12 and through the years has expanded her knowledge of sweets and has provided some extremely creative specialty cakes for her clientele. Keep in mind this is only one of the many business ventures Leslie is a part of. Leslie is a very driven entrepreneur and is no stranger to the questions that come along with being a business owner. Target Customer Leslie’s target customer is not specific to any specific group or income level. She simply wants to provide fresh homemade sweets at affordable prices. Her clientele mostly consists are repeat customers request customized birthday cakes. When asked who her target customers consisted of she stated that her “target customer is anyone that enjoys homemade sweets and needs a lavish cake without paying the expensive prices of bakeries. I am trying to provide a service that will allow any and every one to enjoy, not just those with a lot of extra money.” (Leslie V., personal communication, September 26th, 2016). With this ideology about her business it allows her to

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