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(Homepage) We’ll Take Care Of Your Dental Needs At Fox Family Dentistry Located in Burke, VA, Fox Family Dentistry is an elite dental practice led by Dr. Lawrence Fox, Dr. Erik Fox, and their experienced staff. When you walk out of our stunningly beautiful office, you’ll be doing so with a smile on your face because of the amazing dental service that you’ve just received. Drs. Fox are dentists you can entrust your whole family with because they’ll take care of your family like you are a part of their family. We offer a wide array of top-notch services that includes dental crowns, onlays, fillings, root canals, veneers, implant crowns, laser periodontal surgery, cleanings, exams, root planing, bleaching, laser fillings, and reconstructive…show more content…
We want to see your bright smile! Laser Dentistry In Burke, VA We choose to take the technological road when it comes to procedures like fillings, gum disease treatment, and gum reshaping. That’s because we wholeheartedly believe that using a laser to perform these treatments is the most effective for you. By using lasers, we are more accurate during the procedure, and the recovery time has proven to be quicker. You’ll be confident in your smile after having a filling, gum disease treatment, or gum reshaping procedure at Fox Family Dentistry! Cosmetic Dentistry For A Confident New Smile Having a cosmetic dental procedure can change your smile for the better and boost your confidence to the point where you’re living a better life. Whether you’re having veneers placed, your teeth whitened, a crown lengthening procedure, a gum reshaping treatment, a tooth filled, or a smile makeover, we are confident that you’ll love your new smile, and so will everyone that you greet with that smile on a daily basis! If you have questions about any of Fox Family Dentistry’s services, call us at 703-260-1677, or make an appointment using our simple online contact form. (I’m Embarrassed To Smile) I’m Embarrassed By My Smile | Burke, VA If you’re embarrassed by your smile and are looking for a way to boost your confidence through improving your smile, Fox Family Dentistry wants
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