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Kierra Johnson February 24, 2015 Interview of a HR Manager / Specialist For my interview of a HR manager or specialist I chose to interview someone from a popular company who has a plant local to where I live in Oxford, PA. I interviewed Eric Maholmes the Human resource director for Tastycake which is now Flowers Baking Company of Oxford, Inc. I asked Eric a variety of questions from his educational background, to his duties as director, and what the hardest parts of his job are. Mr. Maholmes is a middle aged man with a clean shaved face. He was wearing a button down shirt along with a tie and dress shoes. His appearance was very professional. He graduated from Friends University in Kansas with a Bachelor degree in Human…show more content…
This made me realize that he truly enjoys his career and personally after what I have learned I think he does a fantastic job! Questions to ask Eric Muholmes: Director of HR of Tastycake What is your exact title? Educational Background: Where did you attend college? What is your degree in? Can you describe the system you use for prioritizing human resource projects and what human resource discipline do you believe drives the department focus? Explain how you motivate your human resource department employees, and how you assist them with reaching their professional development goals. Can you recall a time when you had to make a difficult decision that involved either a disciplinary action or a termination? If so how did you handle the matter, and were there any follow-up issues? Could you describe the sexual harassment training you deliver to employees, including how you capture the attention of employees who do not understand the seriousness of sexual harassment or other unfair employment practices. What are some of the things you are doing to ensure the effectiveness of the team you are leading? What types of efforts are you making to serve your customers and to exceed customer expectations? Can you explain any innovation that you've introduced in your work area or have you done anything to introduce change or redefine the way work gets done in your area? What three
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