Interview : Interview By Veda Dyne Essay

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Introduction For this paper, I have chosen to interview Veda Dyne. I chose to interview her because I have heard about her story from my friends and I wanted to get to know her a little better. Veda just recently openly joined the LBGT+ community. She is different from me because of her sexual orientation, but also her family life. She grew up in a completely different setting than I did, and I found that very interesting. Not only that, she has overcome some very tough situations throughout her life that most 19 year olds have never had to go through. She is a very strong person, and I’m proud to say I got to find out her whole life story. Going into this interview, I thought that she was going to be shy and not want to open up to me about what has been going on with her recently. I tried my hardest to make her feel comfortable letting her know I would never judge her and telling her she can tell me anything and it would be safe. At first I thought Veda was going to be rude, and closed minded about the whole interview as she did not seem interested when I first reached out to her. The whole interview actually went very smooth. She was kind hearted and was not scared or ashamed to tell me anything about her. Veda seemed to have felt very comfortable talking about her past, and her present. She had not had an easy life growing up, her parents divorced right after she was born and she stated that they have hated each other ever since. She has faced many obstacles in her

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