Interview Is My Good Friend Kenneth Black

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The interpreter I choose to interview is my good friend Kenneth Black. Our interview occurred on December 1, 2016 at 5:30pm. We met back in April at a banquet for the Daytona State College Clubs and he was assigned to interpret for our Deaf professors. He introduced himself, where he was from, some of his experience. His mother is Deaf, making Kenneth a CODA. From the way that he spoke and the way he interpreted, I could tell that he was doing his job with passion and that he really enjoyed it. Therefore, I thought he was the perfect candidate for this interview. To start off, I asked Kenneth how he became an interpreter. He said that he had met with the owner of ASL Services INC. because they were aware that he was a CODA. He was tested, similar to how people are tested for certification, with interpreting a text, watching a video, etc. He was hired and that’s where he started his interpreting career. To follow up, I inquired why he wanted to become an interpreter. He replied: money, because interpreting pays good. After three years of working in the field, he saw that it wasn’t all about the money. It was more about the people, about the Deaf community. Interpreting was about relaying a message; about becoming a better interpreter. As can be seen from his passion to interpret, I asked what he loved the most about interpreting. “The language. The way that it changes itself. It’s something that can always be worked on. It’s such a fulfilling job because I’m able to

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