Interview Letter : A Special Education Teacher

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The person I chose to interview for my assignment was a special education teacher, and her name is Eloise Kerbs. Eloise is my supervising teacher at the elementary school that I work at. I have worked with her for a total of four years now. She however, has worked at Eudora Elementary School for total of eight years this year. She has been a special education teacher for a grand total of thirty-two years. She got her Bachelor’s degree from Fort Hays State University. She also received her Masters’ degree from Newman University. Within her many years as being a special education teacher, Ms. Kerbs has used a great deal of useful assessments with all the students she has taught or is teaching. One that she recalled, was an assessment that was primarily based on their IEP goals as well as, extended standards that needed to be modified to the type of students that were in the classroom. Since, she works in a Lifeskills’ classroom, these students are special needs are usually pretty low compared to other students in the school building. Other online assessments have also been used as well, which have been primarily used on level to see where to place them. An example of this one, just happens to be Lexia. Adapted behavior assessments which are called, “Vineland” she has also used with standardized testing and it is used with “Woodcock-Johnson”. Same as stated before the assessments she has used with diagnosing and placing she has used the Vineland and Woodcock-Johnson
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