Interview Methods

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Running Head: INTERVIEW METHODS Interview Methods Introduction In order to attempt this final paper assignment, I interviewed my uncle who has come from Dubai on his vacations. He is a civil structural designer and was working in Saudi Arabia since last five years; he has recently switched his job and moved to United Arab Emirates. Looking at his recent activity, I decided to conduct an interview with him regarding his job switching. I requested him to take out some time from his busy schedule; surprisingly he happily agreed along with giving the permission to record the interview. In the following paragraphs, I will discuss in detail how I used the Interviewing methods in the interview session and how was my experience of conducting this first interview of my life. Attending Behavior Attending behavior is very important for conducting an effective interview. Attending behavior simply means to communicate to the interviewer that you are actively listening to him and understanding his point of view. Attending behavior gives a feeling to the interviewee that the person-taking interview is with him and giving proper attention to him by doing effective listening. Furthermore, attending behavior also encourages talking and motivates interviewee to do an open and free conversation. There are several ways, through which interviewer can express his actively listening attitude. I carefully read all these notes before interview so I was able to have an attending behavior
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