Interview : Mr. Thompson

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Mr. and Mrs. Thompson found out they were expecting a baby and grew very excited. Their excitement disappeared quite rapidly when they received the news that Mr. Thompson would be going to Iraq. Mrs. Thompson began to stress about her husband well-being while at war and his absences of the birth of their first child. Even though Mr. Thompson was away he made way to communicate with his wife, whether it was via e-mail or brief phone calls. Mrs. Thompson dreaded receiving news that her husband was killed or wounded in the line of duty. Anytime she thought she heard a vehicle pull up she grew anxious. She did her best to avoid “war talk” from her coworkers and the media. As her anxiety built she began to be stressed. At only 6 months Mrs. Thompson went into premature labor. She was so scared and nervous because she was alone. She feared the death of her child and experiencing without her husband. She continued to stress about Mr. Thompson finding out about their son and will he be able to come home for family emergency. She grew at ease when she found out he will be coming; however, she was unaware of the timeframe. Once Mr. Thompson arrived she was relieved to have someone by her side. He was able to stay on leave for 14 days before he had to return back to war. Mrs. Thompson was enthusiastic about the improvement of their baby and his discharge from the hospital. Now that they are discharged, Mrs. Thompson still worries about her husband at war and the health
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