Interview Notes of a Nurse Leader

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Interview of a nurse leader. Last week, one nurse a friend told me about an amazing colleague in her practice who she considered to be a transformational leader. This nurse is called Genine who incidentally works as an administrative and managerial nurse supervising other teams of nurses. She told me that Genine comes from a poor family in Ireland, and that she came here to support herself and her family. The amazing thing, she told me, about Genine is that she seems to be anchored within herself. She is constantly and genuinely friendly and warm to anyone regardless of religion, ethnic background, and socio-economic factors and so forth. Everyone, in turn, likes and respects Genine. And more so, Genine seems to be undisturbed by anyone's particular opinion of her. Intent on doing what is right and on performing her job in eh maximum quality, Genine consistently acts in an ethical manner, consults her conscience and internal measurements rather than hankering for approval of others, and seems to be consistently content and peaceful. My friend described Genine as having a certain 'Nirvana' the kind of blissful, detached from desires contentment that Buddhism espouses. In turn, Genine is consistently beleaguered by colleagues who seek her advice, patients who want just her to help them, and many, many people who tell her their problems. My friend told me a story that epitomizes Genine. Before Genine sees a patient in a difficult strait, she closes her eyes briefly and seems
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