Interview Of A Healthcare Professional

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Interview of a Healthcare Professional Misty Urban has been a friend of my parents for a very long time, so when I found out I needed to interview a healthcare professional I knew exactly who to go to. Misty is currently employed at ViaQuest Home Health and Hospice. Getting to where she is now was not easy, in fact she said “While I took pre-requisites for nursing, which took seven LONG years, because I took one class at a time until I had to go full-time for my RN.” While taking her pre-requisite courses she was also working at the Somerset Dialysis Center and worked there for almost 9 years. Before that Misty held jobs at Somerset Ambulance for 11 years, and also at the Somerset Hospital Emergency Department as a Registrar/technician. Misty told me that she was a candy-stripper at the Somerset Hospital when she was thirteen years old and that is what made her love the medical field. Then when she turned sixteen she took classes at the Somerset Vo-Tech to become an Emergency Medical Technician. “At 16, I was also a fireman too. I became the first female in the Somerset Fire Department and the first to obtain my firefighter 1 status” Misty said. When Misty received her nursing degree she went on a medical mission trip to Paraguay. When she returned home from her trip she start to work at The McGinley house, a home for intellectually disabled adults. Within the next could of weeks she will begin her training in hospice with ViaQuest. “I love the medical field, I 've been…
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