Interview Of An Upper Level Management Position

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For my interview of an upper level management position I decided to interview my father. He is currently the Project Director of the CARE Program. The CARE Program was founded in 1982 and falls under the Recreation Division in the City of Columbia Parks and Recreation. CARE stands for Career Awareness Related Experience. The goal of the CARE Program is to provide at-risk with valuable work experience necessary for entering the work force. They provide comprehensive services for Columbia’s at-risk youth, including job readiness training, paid-real world hands-on experience, mentoring, career exploration, and money management training. They also have tutors available for homework help. The motto of the organization is “invest in our youth,…show more content…
Like I mentioned earlier he is the Project Director for the CARE Program, and has been since 2013. He was born and raised in Columbia, Missouri. He attended the University of Missouri where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Parks and Recreation and a Master’s degree in Education. The reason he had for choosing his job is simple. First, he always wanted to work for his hometown and better his community. With his position as Project Director of the CARE Program he is able to accomplish both. Another added benefit is that working this job allows him a flexible work schedule. My dad has three kids who are all very involved in many different activities. Also, he has many hobbies such as bike riding, hiking, and reading, which he is able to enjoy due to the flexibility of his job. The director of the CARE Program has many different responsibilities. He handles all HR issues amongst staff, interviews, hiring, and firing of staff, decide the worksite placement of all at-risk youth, balancing of the budget, and marketing of the program. He said through his previous education and work experience he felt very qualified working in all of these areas. He has also taught classes for the City of Columbia on the importance of leadership and communication. The only area he felt he originally lacked knowledge in was managing the budget of his 200 trainees’ wages. The Parks and Recreation design is very organized and simple. As Project Director, my dad has two
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