Interview On My First Year

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Interview tips Interviews are the one time everyone put away their idiosyncrasies and it is good to confirm to an accepted standard of behavior. After a couple of interviews during high school, I had sort of gathered that I was generally a good interviewee, I don’t panic, I can quickly come up with a response, and I mainly attribute this to my dramatic nature and my general belief that, “all the world is a stage.” I did however, lean an important lesson my first year here, some interviewers are not looking for a hyped up candidate. I applied to be a VUceptor, while some people’s interviews took fifteen minutes; I think mine was done in just eight minutes. They asked me question I answered in two and three sentences and I was done, yet, I…show more content…
I think it has deterred any potential harassers. As a result I don’t have any firsthand knowledge of what sexual harassment in the workplace looks like. I decided to look up sexual harassment towards young workers and I found this interesting article on the sexual harassment among teenagers at work. “A shocking statistic—teenagers are in more danger from sexual predators at their part time jobs than through the Internet. According to one estimate, 200,000 teenagers are assaulted at the workplace each year. It 's a vastly underreported phenomenon, but some brave young women are stepping up publicly to tell their stories.” I therefore can only conclude that my lack of firsthand experience is luck, I hope my luck continues and I do not have to deal with the intricate world of sexual harassment at work. Career Fair On the Tuesday the 9th of February the Engineering School held a career fair that I was Fortunate to attend. As I prepared for the Fair I tried to keep in mind all the tips we had recently received from Professor Rowe on the how to conduct oneself in an interview. Carnegie in his introductory chapter talks about how the only way to improve is to put into practice the things we learn and continuously reflect on our behavior to see what we did right and fix what we did wrong. For the most part I think that I did well it was just a little unfortunate that most of the companies were not looking for Biomedical Engineers especially ones only
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