Interview On My First Year

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Interview tips
Interviews are the one time everyone put away their idiosyncrasies and it is good to confirm to an accepted standard of behavior. After a couple of interviews during high school, I had sort of gathered that I was generally a good interviewee, I don’t panic, I can quickly come up with a response, and I mainly attribute this to my dramatic nature and my general belief that, “all the world is a stage.” I did however, lean an important lesson my first year here, some interviewers are not looking for a hyped up candidate. I applied to be a VUceptor, while some people’s interviews took fifteen minutes; I think mine was done in just eight minutes. They asked me question I answered in two and three sentences and I was done, yet, I think, what they really wanted was a long, deep and meaningful reply to show that you really cared about the situation at hand. Although I think that this is not necessarily a good way to screen for “caring Vuceptors”, I do understand how this could work as a general guide line. People could more because they are nervous or because they do not have a clear fully formulated answer to the question. Conversely it is true that speaking less could be an indication of lack of interest as people tend to spend more time talking about things they love and enjoy doing. At the end of the day I just have to be aware of the different demands of different interviews.

Sexual Harassment
I have only had two serious jobs, and in both my jobs my position as a…

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