Interview : Organization Development ( Od ) Practitioners

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This project required the student to interview two organization development (OD) practitioners. The interview will give insight on how they do their work, as well as comparing and contrasting their backgrounds and the different ways they handle situations within the organization. This will also allow the interviewer to gain a perspective of how organizational development approaches relates to change management. Both interviews offer information on how to be an effective OD practitioner. The interviews focus on the roles that these OD practitioners play in change management. Interview One Roshonda Gandy is a manager/supervisor at the Department of Human Services. Ms Gandy has been a supervisor there for the last 3 years. During this time she has worked as an OD practitioner by supporting, the values of the organization. The organization values are ethical and are the blueprint of what the organization stands for. However, the organization is not Christian based, but it does carry Christian beliefs. This organization focus on treating clients and worker fairly and with respect. These traits are demonstrated on a daily basis. Ms. Gandy stated that she use many different techniques when approaching a consulting assignment. First, she would brief the team on what about to happen. Then she would analyze and manage the data that 's being collected in order to prepare a presentation. Ms. Gandy stated that this process is challenging and very demanding. One of the
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