Interview Process Paper

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With this paper I will be describing the interview process. I will also be going through an imaginary assessment interview with a case manager, a client and the helping process. I will also discuss confidentiality, the strength based approach, active listening skills, questioning skills and the different responding skills used during an interview process. Alia is a teenage girl who currently lives with her dad but continues to run away from home. Her mother recently passed away from cancer and since then she has been a different person. She has been found repeatedly by the police drinking alcohol and doing drugs. Alia is asked by her case manager to fill out some forms in her office so that she is able to provide her with some assistance. On the forms, Alia classifies that she hates being at home with…show more content…
By using the strength based approach it is “deploying personal strengths to aid recovery and empowerment”(McClam & Woodside, 2012). Essentially, when your client can focus on their health and well-being, it allows them to grasp this approach where the goal is to encourage the positive. This approach supports and motivates change for the client. Having the client participate and involved in making decisions about their treatment, it supports and guides them to reaching their goals”(McClam & Woodside, 2012). Throughout the interview the case manager showed Alia effective communication skills to show Alia she was trying to understand what she was trying to tell her. The case manager displayed her effective communication skills by making appropriate eye contact and with her relaxed body posture. Listening to what Alia was saying and to what was not actually being said showcased the case manager’s skill of active listening. “Asking client’s appropriate questions during the interview process is THE INTERVIEW PROCESS
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