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Interview Profile Josephine Aponte February 6, 2011 Jon Jensen I have interviewed a very good friend of mines and to my surprise she has different views on a lot of things than I do. Although I always thought of us as being so much the same and we truly are in a lot of ways, I come to see that we really are different in so many. Before the interview process with my friend that I will call Nikki for now, this is not her name but just to keep the interview confidential as promised this is what I will refer to her as. Nikki expressed that she remembers information more accurately when she observes the behavior being performed. She stated that if she reads about a behavior she could remember it but would not be able to…show more content…
As for the rest of my test results I think that they were pretty much accurate. Nikki has expressed that her STM capacity is not as great or enhanced as her LTM. Nikki expressed that she can vividly remember good as well as bad events from her child and young adulthood rather than something that may have occurred in the last year to six months. Nikki also expressed that she has what psychologist calls flashbulb memories. She states that she can be talking about one thing and just like that she can remember something that happen like it was yesterday and she stated that this happen out of the blue sometimes. I told her that I believe that these are memories were created during personally significant events in her life. Nikki believes that she has experienced things in her childhood that has contributed most in the development of her personality. Nikki believes that her mother is the biggest influence in her personality growth. When I asked her why, she stated that her mother has a big and boisterous personality and has a way of shutting people down and over talking them. She said she is the opposite of her mother which I agree knowing her for so many years. She also stated that her mother doesn’t really listen to people because she already made up her mind, where she listens to people to get a better understanding. Nikki believes that she very much is self-monitoring in regards to

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