Interview Questionnaire : Inventory Analyst

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Interview Questionnaire – Inventory Analyst Candidates Name: Mitchell Cochran What are you career goals in 2 years and 5 years? In the next two years I would like to have started to master the analyst role in the company as I have with the Material Handler position. Within five years I would like to have already started to learn the inner workings of the company so that I may aid with driving up profits while maintaining a customer assistance approach. How does this position fit in with your long term goals? My greatest career goal is to own my own business someday. This position will allow me to learn and master a new aspect to business that I have had only some exposure. What historical programs do you have experience with that dealt with managing materials or procurement parts? While studying sociology at college I was exposed to SPSS software which would allow me to analyze data from polls and questionnaires. Also, while I was employed with GreenTree I developed a simple excel spreadsheet that I could track inventory and profit and loss statements on inventoried items. In the above systems, how were items routinely ‘counted’ or inventoried? How often did these items get cycle counted, daily, weekly? While working at GreenTree recycled goods would come in and out of the warehouse fairly quickly so inventory counts done daily was necessary. It was highly important to track items for the purpose of keeping record of the ROI of the recycled marital. How do you
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