Interview Questions-Nurse Manager

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Nurse Manager Interview Questions
This is a highly time sensitive search, so your timely response to this questionnaire is appreciated. Keep in mind that your answers will be evaluated for content as well as for style of communication. 1. Give an example of a care delivery challenge in your current position and describe what you did to address it? What were the results of your efforts? All of the patients on my unit in my former position were in the beginning and mid stages of Alzheimer’s with one or two very alert ones. The challenge was keeping the more alert residents from rapid mental decline. The key in maintaining the resident’s dignity is providing an environment where they can participate in their level of care,
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Arrange for staff to accompany resident when she ambulates, frequent reminders, her cognitive and physical status will have to be fully evaluated to determine her level of alertness and what functions she is capable of performing by herself. * * What other care challenges does Mrs. Johnson present and what are some possible solutions? Frequent fall risk, wandering away and getting lost : the priority here is keeping her safe * * What information about Mrs. Johnson would you include on a caregiver assignment sheet? Increased confusion, forgetful and requires more assistance, patience and compassion * * How would you present the situation and your suggestions to her daughter? All of the above and explain to her daughter that she is not as independent as she was before and now requires more assistance. I would explain to resident’s daughter that there are specific measures that have to be done to maintain her dignity and safety, listen to daughter’s concern.

Mr. Howard has been a resident of Arbor Terrace for the past year. He is 82 years old and in good physical condition. He does not need any assistive devices and often passes for a visitor instead of a resident. Mr. Howard’s daughter moved him into Arbor Terrace because of his growing confusion. He lives in AL and spends much of his time near the front desk asking the
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