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Interview Questions Assessment

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Samantha Rudisill

Questions that are pretty basic and straightforward are called rapport-building questions. They are questions that you do not have to over complicate. These are questions that create positive feelings and positive emotional reactions with people. These interview questions are designed to ease the candidate into the interview and reduce the amount of stress the candidate feels during the process. An example of a rapport-building question would be Are you from this area? I have heard that is a great area to live. What do you normally do on a daily bases.
Competency-based interview questions vary depending on the level of the candidate; if you are interviewing a
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Tell me how you handle your weakest and strongest colleagues? How do you handle getting your team to improve its performance? Tell me of a time when you had to work in a dysfunctional team and how did you handle the differences? Tell me about a situation where conflict led to a negative outcome. How did you handle the situation and what did you learn from it?

Situational or hypothetical questions give managers a keen insight into the abilities that you have and can perform on the job. Situational questions help the interviewer get the candidates away from the cookie cutter answers and make them offer examples from their past experiences and how they used their job-related skills to solve the problems in the past. They give the interviewer a wider view of the candidate 's capabilities and experience far beyond a typical résumé. Here are two examples of situational questions.
What would you do if you heard from a source that a coworker was disclosing valuable information that should not be divulged? Describe the ideal working environment to do your best work.
People like to know if they are a good fit for a company, and if their needs and aspirations are being fulfilled by the organizations goals and culture. Having culture fit allows a candidate to look beyond the qualifications of the job. They want to know whether this job is going to follow what they believe should be happening in the workplace. By looking at the candidates past work environments it
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