Interview Questions On Business Exercise

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Exercise 1
Interview questions

1. Date and time of interview: 11/17/15 at 4:00 pm
2. Name and Job title if person interviewed: Allen Agakhanyan, CEO of Big Mamas & Papas Pizzaria (20 locations)
3. Description of a typical workday:
Every morning he returns calls and emails, and confirms and sets appointments to meet the franchises. Once he has confirmed appointments for the day, he starts his day with the visit to the bank to make deposits from the previous day. Since there are 20 franchises, he tries to arrange to visit 2 franchisee a day to collect funds for marketing and royalty fee’s, during his visit he reviews the online orders for the month and makes adjustments to the refunds, and promotional reimbursements that has been paid for by the franchisee. When Allen returns to the office and prepares reports for the other locations that are scheduled for him to visit the following day. Once he has organized and prepared for the next day, he then oversees the bookkeeping and accounting.
4. Qualifications for job:
The qualifications needed are interpersonal skills, analytical skill, negotiation skills, critical thinking, service orientated, complex problem solving, patience, perseverance, and judgment and decision-making. These are some of the skills needed in order to operate 20 locations and personally, work with each storeowner separately hands on. Every day there are difficulties and challenges that he overcomes gracefully and manages to maintain and equilibrium among…
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