Interview Questions On Counseling And Counseling

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I was able to interview four people about their perceptions and beliefs about counseling. I noted differences and similarities among their responses which bring about a clearer perspective on the reality of counseling as a profession. The family and friends I choose to interview about their perspective on counseling included my mom Cathy, my brother Ben and my friend Mackenzie. I interviewed a counselor named Chris who is a youth leader at my church. Chris works at Penn State Hershey Medical Center Psychiatry Unit with adults doing individual, couple and family counseling. The responses given through these interviews allowed for a broader and clearer view of the perception and reality of counseling. The first question posed to the interviewees was what happens in a typical counseling session. My mom, Cathy stated she thought the counselor asks questions to the client and listens. She went on to explain the counselor is trying to get to the root of the problem. The process of counseling is done through the lens of empathy according to Cathy. Mackenzie states the counseling begins by the counselor asking the new client questions about him or herself. The counselor is trying to figure out what brought the client into counseling and discuss what goals can be achieved. Ben thought counseling session starts with the client telling the counselor how they are feeling. The counselor is able to move the client past the surface and move to the issues that lie beneath the surface
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