Interview Questions On Nursing Education

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Nursing Education Administrators Interview Administrators’ Backgrounds For this assignment, I had the opportunity to interview two nursing education administrators who work in different agencies. Those educational administrators are Dr. Linda Cook who works in the educational setting and Elaine Blackwell who works in the healthcare setting. Several questions were asked about their educational and professional backgrounds, leadership philosophy, values, attitudes, the effectiveness of their leadership style, measurement and evaluation tools they use, and the educational strategies they integrate (see Appendix A).
First Interview Nursing education administrator: Dr. Linda Cook Setting of the interview: Kramer School of Nursing, the associate dean office.
Date of the interview: Monday, September 22nd, 2014.
Educational and professional background.
Dr. Cook is the associate dean at the Kramer School of Nursing. Her first degree was diploma in nursing from Oklahoma in 1971. She got her bachelor’s degree in nursing in 1987; by that time, she worked as a trauma and critical care nurse. After she got her master’s degree in psychiatric-mental health nursing, she worked as a clinical nurse specialist in the emergency department. She got her Ph.D. in 1996, but she has been teaching part-time and full-time since 1991. Dr. Cook has assumed different leadership roles since she started teaching. She was an undereducated department chair, the chair of the doctoral program at…

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