Interview Questions On The Staff Meeting

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For the purpose of this assignment, each person in my group was advised to come up with interview questions to address the staff after the board meeting that took place on September 28, 2015. After observing and participating in the staff meeting, we requested to see Ms. James, the Director at the Office of International Services, to answer our individual questions. For this portion of the paper, I am addressing a couple of questions that my group members and I asked Ms. James, along with responses from her. We began with a question regarding the demographics of the international students at NCSU. Knowing the demographics of our community would allow us to understand who the population is, how diverse they are, their similarities and differences, as well as their needs and strengths. Also, understanding the demographics would help us evaluate and compare our findings from both the director of the OIS and students and to help us develop knowledge on how to assess our community. In response to the previous question, Ms. James told us that NCSU is recognized for being the first school in the state for receiving international students, and it is ranked to be number 36 the country. Based on NCSU guidelines, the OIS recruits students from every part of the world. However, the current international student demographic at NCSU is mostly independent Asian students, particularly from China, as Ms. James stated. This is due to the financial resource availability. Ms. James…
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