Interview Reflection Paper

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During the interview I did not summarize until the very end. However, at the end of the conversation I briefly summarized what he had told me about his dilemma with his degree and the progress he told me he was making on working through his ambivalence. Shortly thereafter we got up and left the Veterans Resource Center and we both shook hands and thanked each other for the dialogue. Furthermore, he assured me I helped him bring awareness to his options and the importance of working through the issue. The assurance he gave was unsolicited. Then we parted ways. In my opinion, the interview was a successful opportunity to see how evoking a response from an individual helps them to pull the answers they are looking for from their unconscious mind. It seemed that some of the solutions he found were already there. It took reflecting his words back to him in order for him to become aware of them. The open-ended questions seemed to cause him to dig into his unconscious more so than the reflections. Though the reflections were more of an instantaneous awareness as opposed to the open-ended questions being more laborious for him. However, without the questions to help him to dig for answers, the awareness he seemed to gain may have not been as instantaneous or significant. Seemingly, the more a person digs for information within themselves the more I am able to reflect back to them. Thus, giving the individual a chance to gain more awareness.
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