Interview Richard Weintraub For My Leader Interview

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I chose to interview Richard Weintraub for my leader interview. Rick has held many positions of leadership in his life including, President of Weintraub and Associates, President of the Texas Rangers Season Ticket Advisory Board, Serving in the United States Air Force, Citizens Environment Committee Member, and serving as Precinct Chairman & Executive Committee Member. Whilst interviewing Rick I gained numerous nuggets of wisdom concerning leadership. He is someone who is looked up to in his field and has dealt with many issues concerning leadership. Rick is a great example of what a servant leader is and throughout his many years in leadership had much insight to share with me. In many of his leadership roles there was no monetary gains to be had. While he was serving as the president of the season ticket advisory board, he was influential in many changes and lead with integrity. When I asked him about servant leadership he said that leading with a servant’s attitude is the most effective way that a leader can lead. He said that a commitment to servant leadership pays off in the long run even when immediate impact can not be seen. When asked if he thought leadership developed with experience, Rick had this to say, “Yes, because the person realizes that he or she has the ability to influence behavior, which is really what leadership is.” He also said that when you mature in leadership you begin to realize how your behavior affects others and how you can get them to do what
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