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Rated SC: Senior Citizens 65 & Up During the Thanksgiving break, I interviewed a family friend who was one of the first friends my dad made when he came to America for university over twenty years ago. This family friend strongly resembles Tom Selleck, so he will be referred to as him throughout the paper. Mr. Selleck is a sixty-eight year- old South African man. He was widowed (his first wife passed away from ovarian cancer at twenty-eight), got remarried at age thirty-five and is currently still with second his wife. He has fivekids and three grandchildren and lives in Far Hills, NJ. Mr. Selleck describes himself as ‘healthish,’ meaning that he could do better, but that he is not as bad as he used to be. All the years I have known Mr. Selleck, he has embraced a healthy lifestyle and most of my memories with him are playing in his backyard. So it came as a shock to me when almost two years ago, Mr. Selleck somehow contracted Guillain-Barre syndrome, an autoimmune disease that causes the body’s immune system to attack the nerve cells (NINDS, 2015). The nerves are terminated and can…show more content…
Selleck said that that scenario made him more serious about his health since he used to avoid going to the doctor for yearly checkups. I mentioned to Selleck that most men are reluctant to visit their primary care provider, which is why their life spans are not as long as women. He quickly retorted that his former general practitioner was rude and dismissive. In African culture, respect is paramount and even greetings are taken seriously. So when he would greet the doctor, the doctor would ignore him and would make comments regarding his health. I asked Selleck to elaborate and he said that he spoke to the doctor about his erectile dysfunction and the doctor said, “Aren’t you too old for sex!?” and let out a snicker. Selleck said that he knew he was going to change doctors after that discourteous comment. The new doctor he has been seeing is middle-aged and polite to Mr.
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