Interview Summary : Style Of Business Writing

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Interview Summary - The Style of Business Writing Melissa E. de Castro California State University Interview Summary - The Style of Business Writing As a pre-Business Administration or pre-business student, I interviewed a professor from my department. I conducted a classroom observation of a required Business class. The class was MGMT 102 - Business Communications taught by Randall Benfield, which I thoroughly enjoyed as a visitor. With permission, I interviewed him on Thursday, March 17, 2016 at 10:30am during his office hours. The purpose of my interview was to gain insight about the types of writing necessary in the field of business. I wanted to understand how students and professionals differed between what they read, write, and research. In order to gain a better understanding, I decided to learn more about my chosen interviewee, Benfield. Prior to this interview, I knew little about Benfield and his role at Sacramento State. I knew that he taught a few sections of Business Communications. At the beginning of the interview, I asked a few background questions. I wanted to find out his role at Sacramento State was, if he did anything outside of teaching at Sacramento State, and if he worked with any on-campus organizations. He has been an instructor of Business Communications for more than twenty years. On several occasions, officers of on-campus organizations have reached out for advice on “how their club could do better” (R. Benfield, personal
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