Interview : The Daughter Of A Friend Of Mine

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The person I chose to interview is the daughter of a friend of mine. “Caitlyn” (a pseudonym) is an 18-year -old female who is “twice exceptional”. She is gifted and was identified with ADD as a sophomore in high school. She has never received special services for her ADD. She takes medications for the ADD, but this is on an “as needed” basis. I interviewed Caitlyn at her home. Her mother was present during the interview. Caitlyn describes her ADD as “it’s like looking at a picture and I see all the individual parts and those parts come together to make the whole.” “After I take my meds, I see the picture as a whole, and I don’t need to think about the individual parts”. Caitlyn reiterated again and again that her ADD was “not a disability”. She believes the only effect ADD has had on her life is her inability to finish her schoolwork which in turn affects her grades. She does not want to receive “special treatment” for her ADD, and does not like the term disability. When asked what strategies she uses to get schoolwork done, she answered, “meds”. Caitlyn was very vocal about how the school system has failed both her self and others. She believes “everyone has different needs, different potentials and different ways of learning.” She wishes the system were more supportive of her and all students, but doesn’t know what this would look like. She said repeatedly throughout the interview, “I am fine the way I am, I just can’t do what is expected of me”. She likes

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