Interview With A Global Non Profit Organization Called Bethany Christian Services

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Soc 385: Independent Studies
This summer I had the opportunity to intern at a global non-profit organization called Bethany Christian Services. Bethany Christian Services is located in 36 states and works in many countries around the world; I worked at the Grand Rapids, MI office, which concentrates on providing refugee services. I initially applied to be the Cuban employment specialist assistant and came in for an interview with an open mind, but that is not what happened. The interview was horrible: I did not speak spanish which was required nor did I corrected the interviewer when she thought I was fluent in Swahili. I was confident I did not get the job, would get referred to be an intern for other employers, or would have to decline the job offer because I did not speak swahili. Nevertheless, I received a call from Adier Deng the African employment specialist a week later was hired through the phone. I was baffled, immediately clarifying that I did not speak Swahili which he did not seem to mind.
I was the new intern of the employment department of Bethany Christian Services that is divided into four different “ethnic” sectors: African/Middle Eastern, Cuban, Nepali/Bhutanese, and Burmese/others. The employment department provides many services to the 18 years old and older refugees: job search assistance, resume/interview training skills, job retention skills, translation for job training, and an employment specialist that works with the individual to establish

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