Interview With A Human Service Professional

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Interview With a Human Service Professional At Better Life Services, a private mental health organization located in Virginia Beach, Virginia, Otessa Gregory works as a Utilization Management Director. Mrs. Gregory began working at the Mental Health agency as a mental health aid several years ago, and is an enlightening example of a helping professional. Better Life Services was established fairly recently, in 2009 in Hampton, Virginia, and relocated several years ago. The nonprofit agency deals primarily with adult and children patients who have been diagnosed with mental health conditions. Services provided include Daily Living skills, Skills development, life counseling medication management, outpatient therapy, and several others. Before delving more into the specific duties Mrs. Gregory is tasked with, it is important to give an overview on the setting in which she works in.
The Agency
There are a total of 28 staff at the agency. This includes one secretary, manager, 4 Supervisors and directors, and direct service personnel. The direct service personnel are made up of a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Licensed professional counselor, Licensed Mental health clinician, mental health aide, an intern, and Social workers with a Master’s degree or higher. While I was not given exact salary amounts, Mrs. Gregory revealed the salaries range from 25,000 and up, with those with higher education and work experiences in the upper range along with the supervisors. Clients are…
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