Interview With A Interview At A University Of Southern Mississippi School Counseling Program

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The interview was conducted with Mrs. Kim Cruthirds a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi School Counseling Program. I am currently doing my practicum with Mrs. Curthirds at Lumberton Elementary School. She is a new counselor this year with the elementary school. A few years back, she was the counselor in the high school building. Mrs. Curthirds has been a counselor for about 17 years now. Her main practice has been in school counseling, but she has informed me that if she was younger she would have specialized in additional areas. She encouraged me that while I am young to go ahead and specialize in something and avoid putting it off like she did. I find it excellent that school counselors say with the profession so long…show more content…
She also realized that being in a classroom all day was not for her. When talking to Mrs. Cruthirds you could clearly see she loved her job and was filled with so many stories about her job. She seemed excited when talking about what she has done and still doing and has been encouraging to me. She said that she believes that children generally do not care what you think until they know and think that you care about them. This meaning that she is working to show them that she cares so in turn they will care about themselves and the future too. She does what every counselor does and that instills hope by showing you care. I like her belief or theory on this. I want to be able to show children that I care about them and for them to know and believe that they have someone that cares about them. I never realized until working in the school how many kids feel like no one cares about them and when they realize someone does you can see the light in their eyes. Mrs. Cruthirds talked about seeing the change in students as she began working with them. She said that students fall to peer pressure most of the time, so when you start working in groups with them or with their class as a whole you can see their thoughts changing on certain topics along with behaviors. The therapeutic skill that she uses most with her student is keeping in touch with them. Even when their problem has been solved she will call them in just to check in and remind them that she is always there to talk if
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