Interview With A Professional Counselor Reflection

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Interview with a Professional Counselor Reflection The interview was conducted with Mrs. Kim Cruthirds a graduate of the University of Southern Mississippi School Counseling Program. I am currently doing my practicum with Mrs. Curthirds at Lumberton Elementary School. She is a new counselor this year with the school district. Mrs. Curthirds has been a counselor for about 17 years now. Her main practice has been in school counseling, but she has informed me that if she was younger she would have specialized in additional areas. I find it excellent that school counselors say with the profession so long and when they decide to specialize in something it adds to what they can do. Meeting people that have been counselors for so long has really…show more content…
Curthirds loves her job. She loves most the flexibility of being a counselor and being able to work with different students. Her least favorite thing about being counselor is the non-counselor duties the principal tries to put on her. She said she does advocate for her profession, but sometimes the principal or other administrator doesn’t want to listen that some duties are not part of being a counselor. In her training in school for counseling she said that the course work was the foundation of her profession, but she learned the most on the job. She said there was a few times she had to call her professor or another school counselor to talk about what she should do in a situation. She said that even though she has been in the profession for 17 years she still comes across some problems where she needs to consult with another counselor. Her advice to me was to take advantage of all training opportunities available and to build a relationship with the students as much as possible. She said knowing about technology is also helpful. An important tip she offered me was to avoid taking your work home with you. This meaning if you have a bad situation come up with a student that hits you hard to avoid bring it home because it will reflect on your family and can affect your mood and judgement. If it is something that is that bad that touches your heart to find an outlet. She said she will call a fellow school counselor to consult and talk to or either journal about her feelings. So many children carry such heavy burdens and when you have the burdens of seven or more kids it
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