Interview With A Social Worker

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For this assignment, I decided to interview my aunt because she has been a social worker for about thirty years, and has a lot of experience. She attended Dominican college in Orangeburg, New York where she graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Psychology. She then went to graduate school at Montclair State in New Jersey where she received her master’s in psychology. After this, she decided to go back to school for her MSW, which she received from SUNY Albany. Since she graduated, the only profession she has worked in is social work, and she is now a licensed clinical social worker. She loves what she does and is glad that she made the decision to become a social worker. Throughout college, she was very interested in working…show more content…
She thinks that Englewood Hospital offers a great program because it offers adjunct therapy where the patients are able to do things like ceramics, jewelry making, and baking. She feels that this helps the patients express themselves in a non-verbal way. A typical day consists of arriving at work at nine in the morning at the latest. First she will go to her computer, and look at the census of all the patients. She figures out if there are any new patients since she left the previous day and go over who came in the night before. Then she has to know whose social assessment needs to be done because they need to be done seventy-two hours within the patient’s admission. She usually will keep notes on her desk on what needs to be done. Most days, she calls homeless shelters because some patients have to go there after they are discharged. If she is not calling a homeless shelter, there is always another place or family to call for patients. She attends a team meeting every day at eleven in the morning to talk about their patients and the best way of handling their situations. She meets with her patients and will do their social assessment. They talk about how they feel about going home or going to a homeless shelter. Some days she does family sessions in addition. Everyone being discharged needs a psychologist and a therapist, so she must make sure that happens as well. She does not have a lot of control about what job she will be doing during the day. Overall,
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