Interview With An Advanced Practice Nurse At Mercy Hospital

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The purpose of this paper is to describe an interview with an advanced practice nurse at Mercy Hospital in Ardmore. Devon Perry APRN-FNP, who goes by “Devo,” agreed to participate in the interview on November 30, 2015. I currently work with him in the Emergency Department in Ardmore.
Personal History
Devon Perry started is career in the medical field as an LPN, which he obtained between his junior and senior year of nursing school. He attended nursing school at the University of Central Oklahoma. Devo growing up around physicians and his own brother attending medical school aspired to be a doctor and was on track to do just that. However, his lifestyle and family situation kept him from doing so. This leads us to the first question of the interview. Question: How did you decide to be an APN?
“I couldn’t commit to the program [medical school]. Because of my lifestyle, personality and family situation at the time. I had a friend in the NP program and they encouraged me to go to NP school.” Question: Where did you go to school?
“I received my undergraduate (Bachelor’s of Science in Nursing) from the University of Central Oklahoma. I got my masters at Midwestern State University in Wichita Falls, Texas.”
Current Practice Question: How did you find your present job?
“I was working a contract job through Team Health in Ada, Oklahoma and then Mercy bought the hospital in Ada. Team Health lost their contract. Dr. May [the medical director in Ardmore] was training the
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