Interview With An Ethical Leader Essay

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Interview with an Ethical Leader
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Interview with an Ethical Leader
It is only during moral lapses and corporate scandals that interest groups and the broader public ask themselves the fundamental ethical questions, who are the managers of the organization and were they acting with the ethical guidelines. For a long time, the issue of ethics was largely ignored, with organizations focusing on profit maximization. However, this has changed, and much attention is now focused on ethics management by researchers and leaders. The issue of ethics has arisen at a time when public trust on corporate governance is low, and the legitimacy of leadership is being questioned. Leaders are expected to be the source of moral development and ethical guidance to their employees.
The paper focuses on interviewing a business leader who is seen to apply ethical business practices in the organization they lead with an aim of finding the important elements in ethical leadership. The interview is scheduled for 30 minutes where the interviewer will ask the ethical leader various questions pertaining to ethical leadership. Some of the questions that will be asked include, What is your leadership background? What are the traits of an ethical leader? what are the values of an ethical leader? What is the importance of ethical leadership in a competitive environment? Does ethical leadership affect customer relations? Do you observe ethics while interacting
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