Interview With Bernie Sanders

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In the episode I chose to watch, Evan Smith did an interview with Bernie Sanders. This episode was originally aired on April 16, 2015, so the topic of discussion was if Bernie Sanders would be running for president and what were the issues he would focus on if so. Sanders made some very good points when he talked about our economy and the top one percent. He stated that the Koch Brothers are the second wealthiest family in America and they spend at least $900 million in campaigns so they basically own the country. I think this is very scary because if they- along with other billionaires- are the ones giving the money to campaigns then they are the only voices that are being heard. The Koch brothers have become too powerful and they are trying to own the political system. Though many people, especially the younger generation, likes Sanders’ views and what he has…show more content…
First off, our top one percent would have to become less important than they are now and the middle and lower class people would have to become the main focus. People would have to get out and vote and considering no one really has time for it other than the top one percent, I do not see Bernie Sanders becoming our next president. I say this not only because people don’t vote, but because as good as his issues sound, EVERYONE in America would have to contribute in order for the changes he want to make actually take action. Sanders also talks about raising the minimum wage prices, which I am aware President Obama has been trying to enforce. states that seventeen states and Washington D.C have passed laws to raise minimum wage, but Sanders want more states to join and go a little bit higher. To me this seems like a problem because, considering how our economy is, more people would be out of jobs even though higher wages would help those with a
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