Interview With Chief Financial Officer Essay

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Interview with Chief Financial Officer
Carolinas Healthcare System is a large not for profit health care system, with over 40 hospitals across 900 locations in North and South Carolina. Carolinas Healthcare Pineville is one of the acute hospitals within this large organization (CHS, n.d.). It takes integration, coordination and planning to operate a profitable facility in this current climate. P. Hiltz contributes to this coordination and planning for Carolinas Healthcare Pineville. During an interview conducted on October 28, 2014, P. Hiltz shared his background, roles and responsibilities, budgeting practices and concerns for the future, as it relates to CHS Pineville. He also shared his predictions of future occurrences, as it relates to nurses. Chief financial officers are currently facing many challenges as it relates to planning a budget. P. Hiltz also elaborated on these challenges.
Educational Background and Experience Related to this Role
P. Hiltz is a graduate of NC State University, with an undergraduate degree in engineering. He became a member of the Air National Guard and worked in logistics, which he stated (personal communication, October 28, 2014) prepared him for his current role. He later obtained his Masters in Healthcare Administration from MUSC, which led to his employment at CHS Pineville in 2009.
Current Title and Role Responsibilities
As the Assistant Vice President of Administration, P. Hiltz (personal communication, October 28, 2014) has…
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