Interview With Entrepreneur Ryan Peel Essay

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In this paper, I will write the results from my interview with entrepreneur Ryan Peel, owner of Vergennes Broadband. I will also write what I learned from the experience.
Personal Background
Ryan grew up in the Lowell MI area in Vergennes Township. He graduated from Lowell H.S. in 1992. He then went on to college at Aquinas where he received a degree in Computer Information Systems. He describe himself as always being driven to succeed in whatever he is doing. He has always been able to pick up things quickly and considers himself a jack-of-all-trades. Ryan had always enjoyed writing and while at Aquinas, one of his Professors encourage him to write with the passion that he used when speaking. Write the way that you talk. He would later on use that gift for writing to write his business plan. After graduating college, he then went on to work for an insurance company providing IT support. In the meantime, he married and began a family. He is now a father of three children. After a few years at the insurance company, he became the manager of the IT department. The opportunity arose for him to work at home. That will be the seed planted for him to start his own business.
Vergennes Broadband Vergennes Broadband is a company that provides wireless internet to rural areas in the Vergennes Township area. In 2011, Ryan obtained the funding necessary ($110,000) to construct two towers in the township and build out a high-speed wireless network. Vergennes Broadband had their

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