Interview With George Phillips, A Professor At The University Of Central Florida

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I conducted an interview with George Phillips, a sociology professor at the University of Central Florida. I held the interview on Tuesday, April 12, 2016 at Noon. I chose to interview him because my topic deals with the interactions of people and studying their social behaviors which is a sociology topic. I emailed him to ask him for a time to interview and then set up the interview for a time while I wasn’t working and that he said would work for him. I made sure I had permission to record the interview and then sat down with him to get his responses. I asked 5 questions on his opinions of student’s social habits in relation to video streaming. We discussed how he has seen student’s social lives change because of the availability of…show more content…
The Class of 2019 page has over 9,000 members and since it requires a knights mail account it guarantees these participants are students. The Greek life groups also are all students which gave me even more results that I needed. I received 99 responses but 2 responses were from outside my target demographic so I used the tool Survey Monkey offers to delete their responses. I had ten questions that I asked. I asked their age so that I could decide if they were the right demographic for my study. I asked what video streaming websites they belonged to or used. I also asked the hours a day they spend on television and the hours they spend with friends, as well as if they watched television alone or with a friend. I asked if they watched similar television shows to their friends, as well as if they would prefer to go out with a friend or to watch Netflix. Finally I asked what device they use to watch Netflix along with how many episodes in a row they usually watch. I wanted easy quick questions so that I didn’t take up too much of my respondent’s time. I included an “Other” option because some of the questions I knew could have answers I was unaware of. The information I gathered in the survey was to see what college student’s television streaming habits were like so that I could analyze them. Strengths and Limitations I had a few limitations with my survey. For a while I struggled to get responses until I asked my friends to post the link in their Greek
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