Interview With High School Age Children

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Introduction The individual I chose to interview is Mrs. Felicia Colbert. She is a current assistant principal at my school. Mrs. Colbert’s experience familiarity extends from a classroom instructor to instructional educators as an assistant director. Her capability surpasses 15 years of service in and out the core content of science. Her experience in administration includes two years at middle school level and five years at a high school level as an assistant principal. I designated Mrs. Colbert as my professional to interview because I recently completed my administrator practicum under her supervision. Throughout those six months as an intern, I got to analyze just how much of an expert she is in administration leadership. Therefore, she was the perfect individual to interview. Body Mrs. Colbert’s passion is with high school age children. After working in a central office position for several years, she realized that she could make the biggest impact at the schoolhouse level. “Secondary age requires a greater guidance than elementary,” Mrs. Colbert said. By the time they graduate, as a young adult, they must obtain and align their academics with skills and competencies for survival she expressed. She entirely supports the district’s vision of college and career readiness upon graduation. The importance of graduation rate increase is a concern of administration in the district as well as the state’s goal. This year my district has shown an increase in graduation
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