Interview With Leapfrog Technology Inc.

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Interview with Leapfrog Technology Inc. CEO Chris Sprague Chris Sprague is the CEO of Leapfrog Technology Inc., a software company working on software development. Headquartered in Seattle, USA, the development center of the company is located in Kathmandu. Sprague did undergraduate degree from Stanford University in Human Computer Interactions (HCI) and Computer Science, and later joined Masters studies at Georgia Institute of Technology. He then worked for Oracle and other Silicon Valley startups before starting his own company, called OpenStudy. At OpenStudy Chris was CEO while the company raised venture capital and experienced a growth from hundreds to millions of users each month. In 2013, he was appointed as the Chief Technology…show more content…
When we talk to our employees, it is about telling and sharing and validating the direction of the company. We are very open in this regards. So, we instead ask them what the problems are in the workings of the company, not what’s good about the company. I think that’s what culturally makes people feel more ownership towards the company. You have the headquarter and corporate offices in USA, whereas the development center is located in Nepal. So, what are some major setbacks for such a company? Earlier, the internet speed as well as the constant black-outs used to be major headache for us. While skyping, the communications used to be interrupted because frequently. Now, it’s almost resolved. Besides that, the other big challenge would be the time-zone. You basically are at the opposite sides of the world. The basic question is, when you are actually going to work together? We work with the US clients during the day, and then resume working at night and coordinate with the team here in Nepal. How hard is it to find qualified people to work for your company? Answer to this has been changed over time. It used to be tough set of skills that everyone had to know. But now, what’s more important is challenge for the people to learn new things. What Nepal does not necessarily have is the talents in engineering, but it does have is lots of smart and motivated people. So, we take people that are smart and willing to learn, and then put them in

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